Prepare for winter with Mitsubishi Electric

Prepare for winter with Mitsubishi Electric
April 23, 2014

When New Zealand’s winter hits you need reliable and efficient heating that will perform when you need it most. Endorsed by government agencies, heat pumps are generally recognised as one of the most efficient forms of electrical heating available and have several benefits over other heating devices:

  • As there are no hot surfaces, heat pumps are the safest heating option if you have pets and children.BAN-00018628-001
  • Consumer NZ has rated heat pumps as the lowest cost in cents per kWh compared to all alternatives such as gas heaters, wood burners and electric heaters.
  • Air quality is improved via filtration, ideal for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.
  • Heat pumps provide dry heat, unlike some gas heating options which can add moisture into your home.
  • Available in a range of styles, wall or ceiling mounted heat pumps ensure you don’t use valuable floor space.
  • Heat pumps allow you to invest in year round comfort with cooling and dehumidifying options for the summer months.

While all heat pumps can offer these benefits over other heating options, Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps have a distinct advantage – they have been designed with heating in mind. By focussing on warmth, Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are better at doing what New Zealanders want them to do… Keep you warm in winter. In fact, Mitsubishi Electric’s HyperCore range provide New Zealand’s best heating performance, guaranteed to heat at its peak right down to -15°C. So you can be assured that you will be kept snug throughout winter, even in humid and high altitude areas.

Mitsubishi Electric also recognises that noise affects comfort, so we constantly work to make our heat pumps as quiet as possible. Our GE Series High Wall Heat Pumps feature New Zealand’s quietest indoor units starting from just 19dBA*, ensuring you feel the warmth, not hear it.

A heat pump is an investment in comfort for years to come, so be sure to invest in the best this winter with Mitsubishi Electric. For more information on our full product range, visit our website:

*GE25/33 models, indoor sound level, on lowest fan speed.


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