Refresh your kitchen with Hettich hardware!

Refresh your kitchen with Hettich hardware!
February 9, 2016

Most people think of changing their bench top or purchasing new appliances when considering a kitchen update, however both these options can be expensive and there is a more cost effective way to get more out of your kitchen every day.

Hardware is one of the most important elements in ensuring your kitchen is easy to use. The three main elements of kitchen hardware are the hinges on your cupboard doors, the runners in your drawers and the sliding systems in your pantry door. All of the Hettich hardware options can be fitted onto your existing cabinetry which makes it simple to upgrade.


Are you sick of banging cupboard doors? Then the Hettich Sensys hinge is the perfect solution, it has inbuilt soft close so it automatically closes the door gently as it approaches full close. Plus the Sensys range covers most cabinetry designs, such as folding doors, aluminium framed doors, doors with narrow gaps and many more!


Drawer Systems

You open your cutlery drawer more times a day than your front door so it makes sense to have your drawers running on high quality runners. Hettich have two options to upgrade your drawers, InnoTech and ArciTech.

InnoTech can hold up to 50kg of weight and with the more improved Silent System will open and close drawers quietly. No more grating noises or stuck drawers.

ArciTech is the next level up in drawer systems, with make the drawer open with effortless ease and hardly any noticeable resistance ensuring a feel of total luxury. Plus the runners can hold up to 80kg of weight which means you can load up your drawers with pots and pans without the worry of weight!

Soft close is standard on all the drawer systems plus for the perfect handless look we also do Push to Open Silent for the ArciTech drawers.



For your pantry or laundry door we have the Topline range, with three options for overlay and the ability to hold up to 80kg of door weight they are the perfect fit for all door materials and sizes. Plus we also supply an option for flush doors and soft close options on some of the Topline systems.

Magic Lighting

For a more personal stamp create the perfect mood lighting or brighten up dark spaces with the Magic Lighting range. The LEDs lights are compact, energy efficient and can be discretely integrated into your cabinetry or furniture. For added wow factor you can choose to have your lights activated by motion sensor.


Hettich stand for quality and all our products have a lifetime warranty which makes updating your kitchen hardware to Hettich the easy choice! Contact us today for a brochure or see our website for more information.

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