Renovate or rebuild – putting in the ground work

Renovate or rebuild – putting in the ground work
November 12, 2014

TV3’s The Block has been hugely successful, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers and prompting a lot of people to look around their home and wonder, “what if?”.

15043111_ml (2) web smallIf you’re feeling inspired, there’s more to think about than what colour to paint the lounge, or what cupboard doors you like.

Before you embark on your project, decide what scale the project should take dependent not just on your budget, but also what you might need from your home in the future.

Is the project re-decorating, small structural changes or major renovations? And at what point should you consider scrapping a major renovation or extension in favour of having the home removed and build a new house.

If you plan to still live there in five or 10 years, what might you want from your home? If you have toddlers now, what will their needs be as teenagers? If you’re likely to have older generations moving in with you, do you have a bedroom and bathroom with walk in shower on the same level as living rooms?

Similarly if you think you may want to sell your home in five or 10 years, what can you include in your project that will enhance its selling ability.

Future Proof Building recommends getting experts to provide thorough pricing before making any decisions – and factoring in the costs of maintenance. Seek professional advice on the likely cost of repairs and maintenance to the existing property and how long the job may take including council consents – as you may be living amongst a building site while the work is being done. These factors will help you decide whether to “add-on” or remove your current home and build a new one.

The Master Builders House of the Year Awards are being held later this month, with several $250,000-$350,000 and $350,000-$450,000 homes featuring in its top 100 houses.

“That’s important to consider if you are about to do major renovations,” Future-Proof Building General Manager Richard Gough says. “For that money you get a quality family home at an affordable price – a fixed price with a 10-year guarantee.

“It is a big investment. However, compare that to a major renovation that is difficult to get a fixed price for because you are not really sure about the scale of the job until you open up the house. And the result is half a new house and half an old one that will need more work in the foreseeable future.

“If your budget dictates that you can only renovate, consider what the next phases of work will be so your builder can factor that in. You don’t want to pull out any of the renovation work a few years down the track.”

For further inspiration, visit a showhome near you. For a list of showhomes that showcase Future-Proof Building’s Smart Principles for building better homes now and for the future, go to:


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