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August 21, 2013


I talk frequently to people undergoing a renovation or building a new home, and it is one of the most stressful activities you can undertake. There is no denying this, there are a lot of decisions to be made and you really want to get it right first time.

Future-Proof Building believes in building better homes for New Zealand, by helping you as much as possible before, during and after your project. By providing you information on the latest solutions, a wealth of tips and tricks, challenging you with ideas and educating you we can help you make smart choices and get it right first time.

Even more, I know how important having one true source of this information is as you spend hours trawling showrooms, brochures and internet sites. I know this because I have been there myself.

My Story:

I recently undertook my own building project – to build a home for my family in Whangarei.

What started out as a simple 3 bedroom family home quickly become an all encompassing journey. I like you spent many hours researching a variety of topics and talking to different people. Eventually we were able to build a really nice home that was in many ways Future Proof. 2 years later I was lucky enough to start working for Future Proof Building and hence now I have the opportunity to pass on some of those little tips that make a big difference.

The little things – A snap shot

Design– how to get it right- understand your section, where is the sun in both summer and winter and what effect this will have, where is the noise coming from, what basic elements do we need to live in the house.

Richards Project - Plan









What you can’t see– this stuff is really important- insulated concrete slab ( if possible), the amount of insulation, not just in the ceiling but in the walls, under floor and where is the insulation.

Richards Project - What You Can't See1 Richards Project - What You Can't See2






What you can see– the stuff that makes the house yours -absolutely the kitchen and bathroom need to look great but what else can we do to ensure that the liveability index of your house is “off the scale”

Richards Project - What You Can See2

Richards Project - What You Can See1


Finally, a little story to put it all in perspective. When we went through the building process we had a HERS (Home energy rating scheme) assessment. When we received the feedback we scored 7.5/10, a great result we thought. In the feedback they provided detail on how to increase the rating to an 8/10.

1 of the suggestions was to remove the carpet in the living room to leave more exposed concrete. The concrete would act as thermal mass- heat up during the day and release this heat at night. This would mean the house was warmer/dryer more efficient. Sounds great but when you have a young family playing on the lounge room floor on the concrete didn’t appeal as much as playing on the carpet.

We made a conscious decision to keep the house as planned- a great example of ensuring that you consider the “Liveability Index” when making your decisions.

Richards Project - Blueprint












I am always interested in hearing about your upcoming project, and providing any insight from the team where possible.

Feel free to contact me at


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