Save Money and the Environment with Satinjet!

Save Money and the Environment with Satinjet!
June 24, 2013

At this time of the year, it seems like we have more than enough water to go around. But water is a finite resource. Every year over summer, we see more reports in the media of droughts around the country.

We can all be more efficient in our water use. When buying appliances, tapware and fixtures for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, a good place to start is by looking for a products WELS rating. The government initiated Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) is designed to help New Zealanders make informed choices about the water efficiency of products and encourages water conservation. WELS became mandatory in New Zealand in April 2013.

Conserving water can reduce your water charges if you live in an area that uses water meters, and choosing a product that uses less heated water will help to reduce your energy bills. Reducing water demand also lowers costs to the community for water treatment and pumping. In other words, using water more efficiently can save you money and the environment.

A good place to start would be by installing a Satinjet shower from Methven, most of Methven’s satinjet range have WELS rating of at least 3 stars. Conventional shower sprays use single jets of water that can produce a narrow, needle-like spray. A Methven Satinjet shower uses twin jets of water that collide and turn into thousands of tiny droplets that feel soft enough for your face, yet bracingly cleansing for your entire body. Satinjet technology also allows you to shower at lower water flows without compromising that luxurious feeling, so you’ll enjoy a refreshing experience that potentially saves you money.*

Let’s say you have a shower that currently runs at 20 litres per minute on mains pressure, and your household takes an average of four 10-minute showers every day. Switching to a Methven Satinjet shower with a flow restrictor could potentially save a small fortune on your hot water bill. Simply swap your current shower for a Satinjet model fitted with a 14 litre per minute flow restrictor, and you could save up to 27% of your hot water energy costs and 30% on the cost of the water used in your shower.*

Better still, install a Satinjet shower fitted with a 9 litre per minute flow restrictor, and you could potentially save up to 50% of your hot water energy costs and 55% on the cost of the water used in your shower. Which means the Satinjet would pay for itself in just a matter of months.*

It’s easy to upgrade your bathroom with a Satinjet shower, even if you’re not planning a full rebuild or renovation. The fittings on most showers are universal, so in most cases you can simply replace the showerhead with a modern Satinjet unit from Methven.

For further information, take a look at the Methven website or contact them on 09 829 0429

*Water flows on mains pressure vary across NZ. Not all water flows are on mains pressure, with many being on low pressure which will produce lower flow rates. The savings indicated apply only to the example given of a shower flowing at 20 litres per minute on mains pressure, are based on April 2010 Auckland energy and water rates, and are for the water heating portion of the power usage only.

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