Smart Home Control

Smart Home Control
November 6, 2015

In the U.S. and Europe it’s a big thing, with the likes of Apple climbing on board as more and more houses get fitted out with devices that control energy usage for heating and cooling, hot water, lighting, security, home entertainment and so on. It won’t be long before your fridge starts ordering food from the grocery store. More and more new builds overseas are incorporating home control technology as an essential part of the design and as the systems become more common, homeowners looking to buy a house are starting to pay a premium for having the systems built in. Adding a system like this helps homes reach higher Homestar energy efficiency ratings and 6 Star + ratings are worth approximately 9% more in New Zealand now – and likely more in the future. Increasingly, people buying homes are now not only considering buy price but running costs and home control is control over power usage.

If you think this kind of stuff is just for high end architect designed homes, then think again because a local start-up – econnecx – has systems starting from just $2400 plus GST fully installed. If you’re not up to speed with the technologies being applied to homes coming through – we have smart homes, smart watches, smart cars so why not smart homes? – then you need to get your head around it. The changes on the horizon are mind-boggling. Combining home batteries with cheaper solar power installations, homes are going off the grid: generating their own power, storing it during the day to use during the night. And they can be controlled from your phone!

“We’re seeing customers giving amazing feedback when they build in our econnecx system,” says founder and Director, Anthony Tucker. “They think a system like this is going to cost them a huge amount of money, but installing econnecx not only gives them almost everything the really expensive products do, but at a fraction of the price.”

You might remember Ben & Libby who won The Block a couple of years ago. Ben has just finished building his own home with his wife and they installed econnecx. This is what they say on their blog: “When we started designing our house, home automation sounded fantastic. It was definitely a nice-to-have but other items were given higher priority because we thought automation would cost a fortune. But … we found out otherwise.

It seemed a little too good to be true, though, as other options we’d looked at cost considerably more. But we eventually decided it was a must-have.

First, we decided to fully use the security functions available. And our heating system, towel rails and under-floor heating will be connected to econnecx, allowing us to schedule them to turn on and off when they’re needed, based on our daily routines.

It felt very futuristic confirming these automated features that will enhance our lifestyle and bank balance. And it seems surprisingly easy.

The thing is, Econnecx works, it’s easy and it’s not too expensive. It solves a problem for your clients and it’s easy for you. It’s the perfect solution.


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