Solatube: Switching Lights Off For Earth Day, Every Day!

Solatube: Switching Lights Off For Earth Day, Every Day!
April 23, 2014

girl and dog - Copy web 3Locally owned healthy home solutions company HomeTech is encouraging New Zealanders to get behind Earth Day and make a positive change for the planet each and every day. One way people can do this is by installing a Solatube Daylighting System; a ‘green’ lighting solution that draws no power.

Solatube is a Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD) that provides an abundance of pure, natural light to interior spaces. Its complete roof to ceiling system captures daylight in a small roof top dome and then redirects it down a reflective tube that delivers clean, white light to the inside space. The Solatube System’s breakthrough sustainable technology ensures that consistent light is evenly diffused into the interior space without using any electricity.

160DS_VentKit_Bathroom_Columbus2 web 1In honour of Earth Day 2014 (22 April), HomeTech Solatube is offering an instant $150 ‘Greenbate’ on any Solatube purchased. This offer is available until the 30th of April, 2014.

Each year, around 15 percent of a typical family home’s energy bill is spent on lighting. Through the use of a proven and efficient daylighting system, like Solatube, homeowners can reduce the need for electrical lighting throughout the day.

290DS_Closet_Columbus2 web 2Mike Cullen, National Trade Manager for HomeTech said “The aim of Earth Day is to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Our Solatube Daylighting System provides the ultimate eco-friendly lighting solution that allows homeowners to brighten their homes using natural light, while reducing their energy consumption.  With Solatube, every day is Earth Day!”

Solatube has recently added a new product to their daylighting range, the Solatube Smart LED System. This is a IMG_1120 web 4revolutionary 24-hour lighting solution that delivers light and energy savings. This revolutionary system combines advanced LED technology with state-of-the-art daylighting for unparalleled energy efficiency. It also operates automatically, lasts longer than traditional electric lights, is virtually maintenance-free and reduces energy costs.

Earth Day 2014
We need an active informed public to stand tall, stop and reverse climate change and protect our children’s future. Want to get involved in Earth Day 2014? Visit the website for ideas

HomeTech staff share their Green tips: Solatube Smart LED image web 5

  • Get involved in community eco projects
  • Check that taps and toilet cisterns are not leaking so you are not wasting water
  • Buy products with less packaging and buy in bulk
  • Invest in thermal backed curtains if you don’t have them already
  • Grow some vegies!
  • Bring your own reusable bags to the supermarket
  • Dry clothes outside on lines instead of in a dryer. Sunlight helps kill germs too.
  • Close the curtains at dusk in winter to keep warmth in
  • Take heavy things out of your vehicle if you are not using them. Less weight saves fuel.


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