The perfect mix…

The perfect mix…
February 26, 2014

At Rinnai, we know it’s important to plumbers that they have manufacturer support along with an outstanding warranty for their electric cylinder. In fact, research told us this is often the key reason behind their choice of brand, so it’s no wonder that Rinnai’s alliance with HJ Cooper, proudly re-branded HJ Cooper by Rinnai, works so well.

We’ve combined our strong reputation for offering reliable support to plumbers for nearly 40 years with the high quality HJ Cooper product, to introduce to you a whole new standard of electric hot water cylinder solutions with the longest warranties available in the market today – 20 years for our main pressure stainless steel models!

Gone are the days when plumbers grumbled about the lengthy warranty claim process required to receive a replacement product from HJ Cooper.

Under the new face of HJ Cooper by Rinnai, the appliance is sent out faster than you can say ‘Go Rinnai!’

Investigations into warranty claims are conducted later, because we’re all about providing a service that doesn’t stop at the counter, but provides support to tradespeople all the way through. With better backup and warranty after sales processes, our hot water cylinders are hotter than ever.

Electric Hot Water Cylinders Online Training

As our electric hot water cylinders from HJ Cooper by Rinnai continue to be snapped up, it’s increasingly important for those selling them to understand how they work and which model best suits each customer’s home.

But don’t fret – we’ve made this easy for you with a new Electric Hot Water Cylinders training course for Merchants.

We know knowledge is power, so we’re giving you the chance to be a water heating solution hero – for free! Click the link below to log in or register at Rinnai’s online training portal.

This course builds upon the four already offered by Rinnai, including:

1. Energy Efficiency (13 PGDB Points – Gasfitters)

2. Rinnai INFINITY Gas Hot Water Maintenance (11 PGDB Points – Gasfitters)

3. iHeat Specifying (6 PGDB points – Plumbers & Gasfitters)

4. iHeat Installation & Commissioning (11 PGDB points – Plumbers & Gasfitters)

rinnai fpb today image 1

If you are interested in signing up to any of Rinnai’s training courses please click here


Along with the improvements to the back up support of HJ Cooper by Rinnai come changes in the look of our electric hot water cylinders. HJ Cooper by Rinnai’s fresh new look is rolling out across the country this month, and you can enjoy a sneak preview.

Each cylinder will have 3 components to the labelling:

1. A coloured droplet to identify each cylinder type. Mains Pressure Stainless Steel – Green, Mains Pressure Enamel – Red, Low – Medium Pressure Stainless Steel – Blue, and Low Pressure Copper – Yellow.

2. The second round label highlights the key benefits of each HJ Cooper by Rinnai electric cylinder, as well as additional features like a Thermosiphon Mains Pressure Stainless cylinder.

3. A more functional label will house the barcode, litreage, and the dimensions, plus the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) logo.

Like marmite on toast or woolly hats and winter – Rinnai and HJ Cooper are the perfect mix!

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