The Smarter Way to Build

The Smarter Way to Build
November 13, 2013

With the housing market looking towards growth over the coming years, Milestone Homes has prepared itself with a new range of plans aimed at those who aim to “build and live smarter.”

“Milestone is the smarter choice for a new home. We aim to make new homes attainable because we believe building a new home should be within the reach of New Zealanders,” says Milestone Homes’ Business Development Manager Dave Wilson.

“We have designed our range of plans with clever design as the core philosophy and maximising value to keep price at a smart level. It means building a new home can be a very viable option as opposed to purchasing an existing, older home.”

Milestone Homes is making building achievable for those everyday New Zealanders who have the dream of building their own home.

Milestone prides itself on being smart in everything it does, a prime example being that often hallway space is minimised to effectively maximise floor space. As a Future-Proof Building partner, the homes are also built to provide better, healthier living now and in the future. This is achieved by using high quality insulation, double glazing and energy-efficient lighting.

Mr Wilson says smart design and making the most of the sun’s natural energy doesn’t have to add cost and that building a new home is more efficient that purchasing an existing home.

“Building a brand new home is the smart choice. There is less life cycle cost, it is relatively maintenance free and it’s built to suit the need of the client. A new home will be much more efficient in every way than buying an existing, older home. Homeowners get the benefits of a healthier, drier home.”

It is clear that Milestone Homes is the smart choice for those kiwis who want a smart new home designed with smarter thinking, which provides smarter living delivered at a very smart price.


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