Thinking of replacing your old heat pump system? The why, when, how explained.

Thinking of replacing your old heat pump system? The why, when, how explained.
October 11, 2016

Since the late nineties, heat pumps have been actively sold and promoted as a much more energy efficient alternative to traditional heating appliances in New Zealand. But heat pump technology has changed significantly since then, with energy efficiencies having improved considerably over the last decade. The heating performance typical of older fixed speed compressor systems sat around a COP of 2, whereas the heating performance of a typical modern inverter compressor system would be double in comparison. Modern heat pumps are also noticeably quieter, offer many more additional comfort features and design options in contrast to their older counterparts.

The Lifespan of Heat Pumps

With the practical lifespan of domestic heat pumps estimated to be between 10 to 15 years, many of these first generation residential heat pumps are now coming into their end of life cycle. Therefore, this presents homeowners with a unique opportunity to replace these dated systems for a modern system that not only meets the needs of homeowners today but is also futureproof for years to come.

Replacing an older heat pump system not only requires changing the indoor unit and the outdoor compressor, but the refrigerant piping would also require a complete overhaul to enable the use of a more efficient refrigerant that is at the heart of these newer inverter based compressor systems.


Save Time and Money with Patented Pipe Reuse Technology by Mitsubishi Electric

The engineers at Mitsubishi Electric have changed all this. Patented Pipe Reuse Technology means there is now a sustainable solution to easily replace existing outdated heat pumps with a modern, highly efficient Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump System utilising the existing refrigerant pipe work – regardless of brand. Pipe Reuse Technology allows for the replacement of any R22 and 407C driven heat pump without compromising existing pipe work.  With Pipe Reuse Technology, homeowners can save time and money.


Improved Energy Efficiency is the Key Reason Homeowners are Upgrading

Energy efficiency is still the number one reason consumers prefer heat pumps over other heating options. Modern heat pumps have far greater energy efficiencies over their older counterparts, making the upgrade all the more compelling. Many Mitsubishi Electric High Walls have been awarded the Energy Star® mark. So, you know they are among the most efficient systems in the New Zealand Market.

Heating Efficiency (COP) Comparison


For more info see GE Classic SeriesEF Designer SeriesFH HyperCore Series

The Look of Heat Pumps Has Changed Dramatically

As heat pump performance has evolved over time, so too has their design. The Designer Series Heat Pump Range from Mitsubishi Electric combines exceptional energy efficient performance with award winning aesthetics. Available in Glossy White, Rich Black Diamond and Matte Silver home owners can truly reflect their interior design style.


Many home owners are looking to maximise property value by adding an energy efficient heat pump. Upgrading an older heat pump to a modern more energy efficient system is an investment worth considering given the ease this can now be done through Mitsubishi Electric Pipe Replace Technology.

For more information how you can replace your heat pump, book your free no obligation in-home consultation with a qualified Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Specialist today here.


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