Turn every room into a recharge hub

Turn every room into a recharge hub
October 14, 2015

Turn the home into a super-fast charging hub and put an end to the battle for power sockets with the new USB Powerpoints from leading electrical brands HPM and Legrand.

Featuring smart, integrated dual USB modules, the powerpoints allow users to charge phones, tablets, sports watches and cameras at top speed without having to unplug kitchen appliances, bedside lamps or computers.


A finalist in the 2014 Australian Good Design Awards, the USB Powerpoints feature a market-leading charging capacity of 4.2A. The USB Powerpoints can safely, simultaneously charge any combination of USB devices at the maximum charging speed of the device. They are currently the only USB Powerpoints on the market capable of charging two tablets at top speed, at the same time.

Ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and home offices, homeowners can choose from more than 40 colours and finishes for seamless integration in classic, stylish or colourful interiors. For neater counters and tables, add them inside pantries and cupboards and keep any unsightly cord tangles behind closed doors.


The new USB Powerpoints from HPM and Legrand are suitable for new or retrofit installations and provide a safe, reliable and accessible way of turning any room into a charging hot spot to ensure life on the go can keep going without interruption.

For more information please contact Legrand on 0800 476 009, speak to your electrician or visit www.legrand.co.nz/usb

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