Walking in a winter wonderland: Embrace the season in home decor

Walking in a winter wonderland: Embrace the season in home decor
June 15, 2017

Winter can be a wonderland, so don’t shiver away from it – embrace it in your home decor. Here are some decorating ideas inspired by the chilly season.

A touch of warmth

Although snowglobe-inspired home decor is certainly pretty, warming your hands by a burning fireplace is one of those ‘ahhhh’ winter moments. Don’t just rely on fire for warmth, as you can paint it onto your walls and include it using accents throughout your interior design.

Feel the heat with colours such as Resene Red Hot, Resene Pohutukawa or Resene Jalapeno emblazoned on your walls. Next, add some glinting sunshine using metallic accents of copper or rose gold light fixtures – these look great dangling from the ceiling.

If you are fond of metallics, there are also an entire range of paints in these shimmering shades to add to your home. Make the most of the sparkle of Resene Copper Fire, Resene Gold Dust and Resene Bullion.

Snug fabrics

Winter just begs for snuggles and cuddles with warm, comfy blankets. Drape plenty of woollen-knit throws along your couches, and update your cushions with velvet or suede covers for a warmer feel. Rugs in fuzzy sheepskin are great to place around your home or tossed over chairs, adding a contemporary chic look as well as offering cosiness. Moccasin slippers are another one of those small luxuries worth indulging in – imagine stepping out your shower and into these fluffy soft goodies as you head into the kitchen to make some hot cocoa. Bliss.

Cool charms, cool comforts

Fill your home with items that inspire you to stay indoors, yet appreciate the cool climate. For example, making your very own DIY hot cocoa mug-stand will make winter cuppas a joy.

Grab some old off-cuts of wood and apply Resene Colorwood Whitewash to keep with the winter-white tones around the rest of your house. Nail on some pegs, paint with a favourite Resene colour, and attach these to the stand ready to hang your mugs. For added flair, hand-paint some asterisk shapes to look like snowflakes along the border of your mug-stand. Hang it on a kitchen wall near your stove or kettle for easy-to-access ceramic mugs.

Other seasonal touches include putting snowglobes on bedside tables or mantles, as well as little penguin soft-toys on shelves in the children’s rooms.

Winter might be creeping through the country, but with such welcoming home decor, you won’t need to step outside at all. Admire the winter landscape from the warmth of your home simply by walking through all your rooms!

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