Wrap Up…Your Hot Water Cylinder!

Wrap Up…Your Hot Water Cylinder!
August 21, 2013

Every home has different hot water needs, and there are a wide range of solutions on the market today including efficient and fast recovery systems.

Did you know that New Zealand’s hot water demands have grown, along with the sizes of our houses? In fact, while the size of families has overall become smaller, the number of bathrooms has more than doubled! So that means, you really need to put some thought into your new system. Visit the EECA Water Heating Tool: http://www.energywise.govt.nz/tools/water-heating

In a recent Hot Water Survey 42% of all respondents had a Mains Pressure Electric Hot Water cylinder. While these are very common in New Zealand, older cylinders can often be small, low pressured and poorly insulated leading to heat loss and unecessary power bills. And although modern electric cylinders are better insulated even modern cylinders will benefit from insulation, boosting efficiency by sometimes as much as 30%. If you have a very warm hot water cylinder cupboard then adding a cylinder wrap could save you money. Cylinder wraps are not expensive and could pay for itself in less than a year. Putting lagging on any exposed hot water pipes is also important as this is an area where heat loss can be prevalent.

As older cylinders need replacing, a mains pressure electric system is a choice worth considering. Modern electric water heaters also offer consistency in both hot water delivery and temperature fluctuations. Gone are the days of screaming when someone turns on the hot tap! Upgrading to an mains pressure storage water heater provides stable shower temperatures and stronger shower pressure. Additionally they provide the flexibility for using a wider range of modern tapware and shower fixtures.

Calculate Your Flow Rate

Do you know how much hot water your household uses? To calculate your flow rate take a standard 10 Litre bucket and fill it for 15 seconds from your shower head. Multiple the litres in the bucket by 4 and this is your L/min flow rate. 

Tip: Have you ever thought about storing your hot water cylinder outside?

Tip: While we all love hot water, almost 40% of New Zealand homes have hot water that is dangerously hot!! Please be mindful of your hot water temperatures, and remember a safe bath temperature is between 37-38 degrees.

Tip: Did you know the average shower length in New Zealand is 9 minutes

*FPB Hot Water Survey June 2013


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