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econnecx™ gives you remote access and control of your appliances and electrical fittings via the internet.

Home automation empowering a smart home AND green home.

econnecx™ provides electrical home automation to create a smart home that is simple to use and install. As econnecx™ is web based it provides the ability to control your home’s energy, environment and security from anywhere in the world. Our smart phone app provides simple and fast access for day to day use of your econnecx™ system.

Why econnecx™?

  • econnecx™ leads the market in affordable smart home control and office automation with typical installations ranging from $2,400 – $3,500 + GST installed.
  • econnecx™ simplifies the home or office with removal of all complex timers, sensors, multiple phone apps and replaces with one simple to use interface.
  • econnecx™ reduces power bills with effective control, the 1st home econnecx™ was retro fitted to reduced its power bill be 16.6%.
  • econnecx™ provides remote control of garage doors, entry doors, alarms, gates which is great for letting in family, friends, tradesmen without giving away keys and codes and providing peace of mind.
  • econnecx™ can be fitted in new or existing houses and offices.
  • econnecx™ doesn’t require specialist installers – any registered electrician can install it for you.
  • econnecx™ is very easy to use – if you can book airline tickets online you can use econnecx™.
  • econnecx™ is internet based, so it moves with the times, updating automatically as new products and services come onto the market – it is future-proofed.
  • econnecx™ is customised to suit your home, office and lifestyle – control as much or as little as you like or just set and forget. econnecx™ makes your life simpler, not more complicated.
  • econnecx™ is made in New Zealand and supported by the industry’s leading companies.

econnecx™ in the Media

Design & build: An automatic home – New Zealand Herald,  March 8, 2015


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