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SmartVent has 30 years experience as a proud New Zealand healthy home innovation brand.

Smartvent is manufactured by Simx Limited who have been serving the electrical and HVAC industry since 1983. Simx Limited are an established leading supplier to both the electrical wholesale and retail sectors. Trusted by electricians and HVAC industry professionals, our SmartVent systems are installed and recommended by the professionals. SmartVent is committed to improving the health of NZ homes with home ventilation and heat recovery systems including the smartest control and the highest level of filtration.

SmartVent systems for your home include:

SmartVent Positive Pressure ventilation systems draw fresher, drier air into your home from either the roof cavity or outside. This air is then passed through a high efficiency filter and introduced into your home. This introduced air forces out the moist, stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew.

SmartVent Synergy is an Energy Recovery system capable of extracting stale, moisture-laden air from inside your home and bringing in fresher, drier air simultaneously. Synergy is a completely balanced system, that recovers and re-uses up to 70% of the heat from the warm air extracted from within your home. An extremely energy efficient way to re-use heat you have already paid for.

Heat Trans systems are specifically designed to utilise your excess heat by transferring it from your source room, which is usually your lounge, and distributing it to other rooms in your home. If you have ever found yourself “HOT” in one room, while the rest of the house may be unbearably cold, then this is the system you need.  By transferring your excess heat you are able to ‘take the chill off’ your bedrooms, and as a result create a warm comfortable environment for your family.

With the Simx Limited range extending beyond this with the Manrose and Simx brands into wet area extraction fans, exterior lighting and many more.

Always innovative, always the best value… things are much better… in a SmartVent home.


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