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Warmup New Zealand Ltd is NZ’s best-selling supplier of electric radiant underfloor heating systems.

Our range of undertile, undercarpet, inslab, indoor and outdoor heaters are designed to enhance the comfort of your home. Simple to operate,environmentally safe and economical to run, Warmup’s underfloor electric heating and home heating products are the best available.

Warmup’s underfloor heating systems are uncomplicated and affordable to install. The Warmup team has the technical expertise, installation manpower and experience to provide exceptional service and deliver practical heating solutions on time and within budget.


WARMUP provides you with a practical cost-effective integrated system and guarantee for a stable risk-free heated floor.


Surround yourself with clean air, still and luxurious warmth. Forget dampness, noisy heatpumps, minimise draughts and condensation. Undertile heating is easily installed in new and existing homes, giving you an efficient and cost effective heating system.


WarmUp’s Undercarpet Heating system uses heating mats positioned between carpet and underlay. The result is a constant, reliable and completely controllable source of heat. Thanks to more than a decade of research, it’s the safest undercarpet heating available today.


Inslab heating consists of an electric heating element positioned within the concrete slab. While it is not suitable for providing rapid response heating – inslab heating provides gentle background warmth by heating up the whole concrete slab. It is ideally suited for heating polished or coloured concrete floors, or when using heating in conjunction with particular types of wooden flooring. Proper installation and correct control and operation will ensure economical use – especially if used in conjunction with off peak power.


Control of your heating is paramount for your individual comfort and economy. Warmup’s exclusive range of thermostats have been selected and developed for their functionality and good looks.

Warmup Insulation boards

Warmup insulation boards are a water resistant insulated tile backer board made of extruded polystyrene, faced on both sides with a fibreglass mesh embedded into a thin cement polymer mortar. Insulation boards intensity the effects of undertile heating, so you get a very responsive, very efficient floor heating system. Because they act as a thermal barrier, they significantly reduce heat loss to the substrate.


Warmup offers a complete peace of mind guarantee with industry leading installation practices and applications of our waterproofing systems (available in some regions only).

Heated Towel Rails

Our heated towel rails are sleek, sophisticated and stylish and can give you the luxury of warm dry towels all year round adding extra warmth and comfort to your bathrooms. They are energy efficient and safe to use in any environment and are available as independent electrically operated units.

Outdoor heaters

The Warmup indoor and outdoor heater range is an efficient, electric radiant heating solution designed to meet all your heating needs. The unique design of the Alf Medium Wave Radiant heaters allows you to heat your outdoor spaces easily and economically. The WHS series is designed for indoor use and provides a gentle radiant heat. The Warmup indoor and outdoor heater range perform exceptionally well and can be controlled with timers, thermostats and electronic dimmers.

Panel heaters

The slimline profile is designed to blend elegantly into any interior with a choice of dove white or stainless steel finish. The combination of natural convective currents and radiant heat quickly warms you and the space around you, and is ideal for asthma, allergies and hay fever.

Mirror demisters

Our mirror demisters offer a simple solution to those misted mirrors in your bathroom and provide just a little bit of extra comfort for you and your family.


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Download Warmup Resource
Download Warmup Resource
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