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Master Builders Federation

Master Builders Federation

The Registered Master Builders Federation represents New Zealand’s premier building and construction companies, who pride themselves on delivering the highest quality houses and buildings.

Through our member companies we represent upwards of two thirds of every dollar spent on construction in New Zealand

With our 22 regional Associations we have an unsurpassed network right throughout the country, providing leadership at both the local and national level.

Registered Master Builders has been around since 1892 – and we’re proud of this heritage. Our members look forward to building New Zealand’s homes, offices, hospitals and schools for the next 100 years.

A range of options to suit your needs

With our range of Guarantee options you get to choose what you want to be covered for and how much you want to be covered for.

Who can offer you a Master Build Guarantee?

Only Registered Master Builders can offer their clients Master Build Guarantees for residential building work with a contract price of more than $25,000.

How to apply

Choose the Guarantee you want and ask your Registered Master Builder for the relevant documentation.

You and your builder fill out and sign the application form and your builder lodges it with Master Build Services (MBS).

You should receive a written notice of acceptance from MBS within 14 days. If it doesn’t arrive, call MBS immediately on 0800 269 119 because your Guarantee is not valid until it is accepted and signed by MBS.

Transferring the Guarantee when you sell your home

The Guarantee can be transferred multiple times within its 10 year term – this means that if you decide to sell the house, the Guarantee can be transferred to the new owner and the cover will carry on until the completion of the 10 years from the original date the Guarantee was accepted by MBS. They’ll then be able to do the same thing, and so on within that 10 year period. This can be a very attractive proposition for a prospective buyer.

For more information see your builder or contact Master Build Services on 0800 269 119 or visit: RMBF’s website.

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Master Builders Federation
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