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Westmoreland Homes Ltd

Westmoreland Homes Ltd

Why choose Westmoreland?


Whilst we have many house plans to choose from, we design and build every house from scratch, with you our client.  We don’t charge to move a wall or add a window.  In many cases our pricing is determined by the size of the home, not by how many walls are in it or where that wall sits. You will deal with one person, and only one person throughout the entire process, getting things done faster, cheaper and more efficiently than you may find otherwise. Customer services is our commitment.

Construction time

Our houses are built at a timely pace due to our efficiency and organisation. We don’t build 20 or 30 houses at a time so we can dedicate the time that each home and home owner deserves in order to get the job done right. The first time. It takes an average of just 11-14 weeks for Westmoreland Homes to build your new home from Earthworks to Code of Compliance.

Standards and Guarantee

All Westmoreland homes are built to New Zealand building code standards and all structural materials used are provided by leading manufacturers in New Zealand who stand behind the quality of their products. In addition, Westmoreland Homes will provide you with our unique 10 year structural guarantee and 60 day maintenance warranty so as to ensure years of worry free enjoyment in your new Westmoreland home.

Fixed price

Westmoreland Homes will provide you with a fixed price contract for your new Brick and Tile home, covering everything from Earthworks to Code of Compliance. We don’t build half a house and then expect you to connect the services and get your own Code of Compliance. Everything from utilities to carpet and tile is provided for you and our colour consultant will help you choose the right combination to enhance your new home.


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7 Molesworth Drive
Phone: 09 431 3313
Email: sales@westmoreland.co.nz

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