How do I Future-Proof my Appliances?

Read some of our advice and information below to help you Future-Proof your project.


When selecting appliances consider what your needs will be long term. For example, today you may only require a washing machine but if you are planning to start a family you may need to consider getting a larger dryer.

Always check the ‘Star’ rating on appliances. The Energy Star rating measures the amount of electricity the appliance uses. The more stars the more energy efficient the appliance is and over time this difference can save you money on your electricity bill.

Another rating to consider is the WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) rating which measures water use. Washing machines for example have these so you can see which machines use less water. The more stars the more water efficient the appliance is.

Check the function of each appliance and make sure that it covers off what you would find most important for you and your family. You may want a dishwasher that allows you to pause mid-cycle, or you may want one that tells you how long it has to go on the wash cycle.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions before making your purchase and think long term. It is rare for anyone to buy new appliances for short term use so be smart when you shop and do your research.

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