How do I Future-Proof my Cladding?

Read some of our advice and information below to help you Future-Proof your project.


There are many possibilities when it comes to cladding and it is one of the most important decisions when building a home. With technology, cladding options are changing all the time. It is important to consider the R-Value when choosing your cladding. The higher the R-value the better as there will be less heat loss from the home which in turn keeps you and your family warmer and your electricity bills lower.

From traditional cladding options such as weatherboard and brick, to modern styles of fibre cement, plaster, masonry veneer and aluminium there are options out there for everyone and you don’t have to select just one type either. Many homes today are being built using more than one cladding type to make the home exterior look more interesting.

No matter which cladding you choose weather tightness has been a hot topic for many years since the ‘90s when so many houses fell victim to water tightness issues. However, the cause of the issues has been addressed and new building processes are now in place to help prevent these problems for future builds.

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