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You can use this list of recommended partner products and suppliers to ensure you are always building with Future-Proof compliant materials.


Landscaping can occur any time after the exterior finishes are complete but it is usually done concurrently with interior finishes. A well thought out garden design can help transform your living space and add value to your home. Using a landscape architect’s skills can transform your outdoor living space. They will explore all the options available and help you think more about colour and texture. A landscape architect will look at your needs and wants and help you plan a garden that best suits your lifestyle. Visit the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects or Landscaping New Zealand for information on finding landscape architects. If you are planning to do some of the work yourself, before you start, do your homework. Firth has a number of ‘How to’ videos on their website and Carters also provide ‘How to’ guides which you can download.

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