What is Future-Proof Building?

Future-Proof Building - Smart Principles for a better home to live in now.

What is Future-Proof Building?

For any homeowner, understanding the principles of Future-Proof Building is a key advantage when building, renovating or improving the home.

Future-Proof Building is all about educating homeowners to make the right choices for their home.

When choosing between quotes it may be that the cheapest quote doesn’t represent the best value because the value over time for that product or service may be less when all factors are considered. To understand this is to understand the Life Cycle cost of a product or service.

When lighting or heating your home decisions such as your choice of lightbulb is one element, insulation and how it sits in your home, the age and insulation of your hot water cylinder, your choice of heat pump or solar roofing, the availability of sensor lighting in the home all fall under Energy Smart, along with many other considerations.

These are just a couple of examples of how Future-Proof Building Principles can help make you aware of large or small changes you can make to your existing home or your new build that can make a profound difference to the way you live.

FPB Showhomes

Homeowners can also get an idea on what’s  available in the market by visiting one of the FPB Showhomes. These homes are full of great products, services and ideas that can be incorporated into new or existing homes.

Homeowners can learn about their options and then make an educated and informed choice to meet their needs.

See the FPB Showhome section of this site to locate one in your area.


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