A fresh choice in shower design

A fresh choice in shower design
November 26, 2014

Research shows that New Zealanders renovate their bathrooms on average every six years.

Whether you’re doing a major overhaul or are just updating a few fixtures and fittings, choosing a shower will be a significant part of the process.

You may already have heard of Methven Satinjet® technology that uses twin water jets which collide to turn into thousands of tiny droplets. Showers that incorporate this revolutionary thinking deliver a best-of-both worlds experience – a soft-feeling, luxurious shower that also has the power to be bracingly cleansing.

Methven Satinjet® features in the beautiful Koha collection of showers. Here, form and function meet in a design which has a clean-lined, contemporary look and an ultra-wide spray that means a fully immersive experience with total body coverage.

Now there are three colour options when it comes to choosing a faceplate for your Koha shower – timeless Satin Chrome, classic Graphite or elegant White. So, whatever decorative palette you choose for the rest of the room, there’ll be a faceplate in a shade to suit.

Ideas & Tips for Shower Design, brought to you by Methven

  • Most shower handsets have universal fittings so it’s easy to upgrade your shower without spending money on a complete overhaul. Simply unscrew the handset from the fixing and replace with a new one.
  • Working out how high a showerhead should be placed can be tricky. Industry experts advise that between 2 and 2.1 metres from the floor is about standard. A showerhead poking above the line of the cubicle can look unbalanced so check those dimensions first.  And, if the tall gene runs in your family, you may want to go higher still.
  • To avoid being drenched with either scalding hot or icy cold water, make sure you can access the shower mixer without having to stand under the shower.
  • If you have a compact bathroom, consider a walk-in shower with no door to manoeuvre around.
  • When choosing tapware, fixtures and fittings for the shower, a consistent profile enhances the appeal of the overall look. If you favour a square, flat shape, use it in taps, the heated towel rail, and the toilet-roll holder. If a fine, round profile is your preference, keep to that style throughout.
  • Each style of shower has advantages. Some homeowners favour the design simplicity of a shower rose that emerges directly from the wall. A rail shower offers much-needed flexibility for families because it allows the shower to be adjusted to any height. Typically, women do not like to get their hair wet every day and children are averse to water splashing in their face. Finally, a shower which combines an overhead shower and a rail shower gives the option of an immersive experience like standing in the soft rain or a more vigorous bracing shower. Plus the handpiece can be removed from the rail which comes in useful when cleaning the shower – or even the dog.
  • Love those gorgeous European mosaic tiles but can’t afford an entire wall of them? Consider an alcove in your shower box to hold soaps and shampoos and tile it in mosaics to highlight it as a feature.
  • If lime or calcium build-up from hard water starts to distort the spray of your showerhead, soak it in equal parts vinegar and hot water which should dissolve mineral deposits.  Avoid caustic cleaners.
  • When buying tapware for your shower look for the WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) rating. Under the scheme, the more stars a product has, the more water efficient it will be.

Did you know?

Beauty therapists recommend not putting your face directly under the spray of some showers since, if the pressure is too hard or the water is too hot, this is not kind to the skin. But it’s perfectly fine to expose your face to the tiny soft droplets that Methven Satinjet® technology delivers.


Methven Satinjet® is proudly designed and engineered in New Zealand. For more information, visit www.methven.com

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