Firth’s enviro products gain valuable points for the IDEAL HOUSE

Firth’s enviro products gain valuable points for the IDEAL HOUSE
December 16, 2013

A ground breaking project to design a residential energy efficient home with an 8 -10 Homestar rating, conceived by the School of Architecture at the University of Auckland and completed by S3architects, is coming to fruition in Beachlands, Auckland as the framework goes up.

Murray and Lee Ann Durbin, home owners and project managers of the IDEAL HOUSE – are aiming for the house to be one of the most energy-efficient homes in New Zealand, while keeping to a ‘main-stream’ budget. Designed for a family of five, it not only aims to be comfortable, healthy and energy conscious, but to also produce a surplus of electricity which will be fed back into the national grid.

securedownloadThere are three over-arching goals for the project:

  1. Passive-House Certified
  2. Positive Energy
  3. 8/10 Homestar Rating

“EnviroBlendTM concrete was specified for this along with other environmentally certified products,”explains Adaleen Griffith,Sales & Certified Supply Manager for Firth Residential.“The materials section counts a significant 9 points toward the overall Homestar rating. Including the maximum 3 ‘easy’ points for the Enviroblend concrete.”

“We also used Firth EnviroPave – one from the EcoPave range – for the driveway and front paths which also enabled us to meet the permeable coverage requirements of the site,” says Murray Durbin the homeowner.”

The project is aiming for a cost of $2500 per m2 for this energy efficient home.

The criteria on which EnviroBlendTM Concrete is assessed:

  • Manufacturing sites must hold necessary consents and permits;
  • Raw materials such as cement carry ECNZ certification;
  • The aggregate supplier must hold necessary consents, permits and follow strict management plans;
  • Hazardous substances are managed as per HSNO Act;
  • Water and air discharges are monitored and managed;
  • Water and solid waste recycling programs;
  • Energy management;
  • Employee training programs.

For more information on Firth EnviroBlendTM Concrete click here or contact us at or 0800 800 576.

For more information on Firth EnviroPave click here or contact us at or 0800 800 576.

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