Have it all … home ventilation + plus heating and cooling – from SmartVent

Have it all … home ventilation + plus heating and cooling – from SmartVent
October 14, 2015

The new SmartVent SynergyPlus system from Simx not only offers superior air quality for homes, it also delivers the benefits of heat pump heating and cooling for year-round comfort – now in one unit!

This balanced pressure system – that pulls fresh air in from the outside and extracts stale air from inside the home – is the only whole-home, energy efficient, ducted ventilation and air conditioning system that delivers balanced comfort and air quality, heating and cooling to today’s air tight homes.

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The SmartVent SynergyPlus system is also installed completely within the building envelope, meaning no ugly outdoor equipment or hung wall units to clutter interior walls. And, with its low profile ceiling diffusers, the SmartVent Synergy Plus system is discreet and efficient – a must have in contemporary homes.

Best of all SynergyPlus is an energy recovery system that recovers and re-uses the energy already paid for from the warm air extracted from the home, working in reverse in the summer. The heart of the Synergy system is the energy recovery core (ERV), where the extracted and supply airflows bypass each other. The ERV recovers energy from the extracted moist air, which is transferred to the incoming fresh air supply. The air is then conditioned to the required temperature through the heat hump before it is distributed around the home. The incoming and outgoing air never mix.


Designed to New Zealand climatic conditions the SmartVent SynergyPlus system controller is suited to the sometimes-extreme New Zealand climate. Based on the square metreage of the home there are two sizes available to provide optimum benefits.

simx table

The SmartVent SynergyPlus system provides the optimum balance of fresh air ventilation and comfort for a healthy home environment. Simply set and forget the temperature for year-round comfort.

Key features:
• An all-in-one system requiring less setup and installation
• No external units
• Extremely efficient energy transfer
• Proprietary control systems designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions by SmartVent
• Wall-mounted, touch screen controller
• High performance centrifugal fans
• G4 and F7 filters on all systems
• Core bypass is standard

For more information on the NEW SmartVent Synergy Plus system from Simx phone: 0800 140 150 or email enquiry@smartvent.co.nz

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