How to select the perfect white wall tile

How to select the perfect white wall tile
August 4, 2016


‘White’ is a neutral tone that we associate with simplicity, cleanliness, and minimalist chic. An all-white or “mostly” white colour scheme is a versatile approach to create rooms with modern or classic looks. With all the selections of white tiles available, we are here to help you pick the perfect one.



The Classics: Subway Tiles

As the name suggests, subway tiles originated in the early 1900’s in New York’s underground. The sleek look quickly became popular and made its way into trendy homes. This is probably the most versatile format for anyone who is wanting to try out their creative flair. Available in a multitude of finishes and details such as bevelled edges, hand-glazed vintage look, textured or crazed surface the list goes on. Try it with a different grout colour to form a pattern, or in a herringbone layout!





The Contemporaries: 3D White Wall Tiles

Fast forwarding to present time, tile manufacturers are coming up with clever ways to extend the possibilities with white wall tiles. From increasing the sizing for the ultimate minimalist look, to creating 3-dimensionality on an otherwise flat surface. The endless variety of textured white wall tiles capture the highlights and shadows, creating a sophisticated designer look for any room.


Image: 3D COBSA.

Rectified or Pressed?

Now we have the different styles covered, let’s look at the details. There are predominately two types of white wall tiles on the market, rectified or pressed. Rectified tiles are mechanically trimmed so they are very precise in their specifications. For contemporary looks, rectified wall tiles allow us to use very thin grout lines between tiles for that seamless look. On the other hand, pressed wall tiles have rounded edges which defines and accentuates the grout lines for that traditional look.



Walls, walls, and walls! What about the floor?

While it is easy to get pure/crisp white wall tiles, finding the same white in a floor tiles proves to be a different case! Tile Warehouse is a proud supplier of a rather unique range of crisp white polished porcelains. The Bright White Polished porcelain tiles are suitable for all internal surfaces from floor to ceiling. The high quality porcelain base makes it virtually non-absorbent to water while the glaze makes it very resistant to staining.

What else do I need to know and what’s ENGOBE?

So, ultimately, what makes a high-quality white wall tile, apart from its looks and profiles? Engobe. Engobe acts as a water or moisture barrier between the surface and the ceramic base of a white wall tile. This is crucial, as sub-par white wall tiles are susceptible to moisture staining, imagine a grey shadow in your white tiles on the walls!

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