Innovative Ideas From Building and Renovation Team (BART)

Innovative Ideas From Building and Renovation Team (BART)
March 27, 2013

Adam Smith recognised that human kind is driven by a need to self promote. It is what makes capitalism work. So it’s not surprising that when it comes to our homes we want to get as much as we can for our money. But should that be in meters square, or in quality, longevity or sustainability? In short should we be looking beyond our ego, to our future?

The consequence of not looking after what resources we have could mean that there is little left for the future, our own and our children’s. It’s time we took more responsibility for what we are doing in terms of the resources we use.

Our house is for most of us, our primary investment. It is where we can make the biggest difference. We want to be prudent in its design and construction; we want it to last and require low maintenance. It needs to have sufficient space and facilities for all our needs and we want to be proud of it.

For many of us budget and time constraints lead us to buy an existing home, but for those lucky enough to be able to build then it should be something special. Something that is made just for you, not a catalogue number poorly angled to fit the site.

Your new home should incorporate the things that are important to you, and that you can build with a conscience. Choose a design that makes use of the sun, thermal mass and embodies low energy construction materials and techniques. Many of these features may have an upfront cost but a downstream payoff, both for you and the environment.

The bigger the house the more resources it uses. One of the best things you can do to reduce use of resources is to build a smaller house. Build what you need, rather than the biggest you can get. Any savings on size could be spent on upgrading the construction to enhance its life and reduce maintenance. The best item to build in is insulation. After all it’s better to not waste energy and it will mean lower future costs.

Technology is moving faster than ever. In the regulated building industry things move a bit slower, however there are new products that can help us build better; some can be found at the HIVE KIOSK.

The Home Innovation Village (HIVE) in the Agricultural Park, Curletts Rd, Christchurch is home to the HIVE KIOSK built by (BART) as well as eight other buildings from market leading fabricators. The HIVE is open weekends from 12-4pm. the BUILDING AND RENOVATION TEAM

The HIVE KIOSK demonstrates a number of new products each reflecting the eco ethos of BART. The most striking and obvious feature is the Photo Voltaic Roof. The roof has been designed by Denis Chapman, along with its Enersolar inverter controller, and is a development of the system he uses on his soon to be completed castle near Tai Tapu, featured on Campbell Live recently. Unlike most solar systems this one is not an ugly collection of panels perched on stands protruding from the roof, but an integrated stylish system that is the roof. The clever system allows for any size or shape of roof to be accommodated as extra glass or flashings can be integrated into the system. The power generated is sent directly to the grid with a credit created to off set any power used by the home owner. In this way no expensive batteries are needed for storage and the system becomes virtually maintenance free. The Enersolar inverter controller is so cleaver that you could even use a smart phone or internet to monitor your roofs performance.

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