Open the Door to Superiority

Open the Door to Superiority
August 21, 2013

In feng shui it is believed that more than three doors in a row create an imbalance of energy in your home, and in many cultures a protector of door or entrance ways is standard.

But is the simple door overlooked?

How many of us have really thought about the doors in our homes, of which we often have many! We recently visited New Zealand’s largest interior door manufacturer, Superior Doors, and kindly accepted the offer of a tour of their South Auckland factory. It is an impressive facility, very well-organised and it was obvious the attention to detail that was being taken in each stage of the process. And it’s no wonder, as the family business produces around 3,000 doors a week. Superior’s doors, are mainly used in residential homes, and are manufactured using New Zealand based suppliers and New Zealand made raw materials where ever possible.

But like many New Zealand companies, they are fighting off international competition.  However for Superior Doors this only feeds the fires of innovation and the desire to do things quite differently from the traditional ways.

Did you know that traditional interior doors are normally filled with a paper honeycomb core?  This formulation makes the door understandably flimsy with minimal structural integrity, sound or thermal insulating properties and in some instances, it can be difficult to get a smooth paint finish, as the honeycomb pattern can show through.

One of the major Superior Doors innovations uses a RibCore polystyrene as the door core, which provides industry leading strength and durability. RibCore polystyrene gives you about a 42% lamination between the door skin and the core of the door, compared to about 4% bonding when you use a paper honeycomb core. The result is a flatter and stronger door, with high impact resistance and greater insulation from both noise and heat between the rooms in your home. Superior Doors are also innovating in the world of cavity slider doors, and they were the first company in New Zealand to make cavity slider specific doors. These doors are manufactured with precision engineered box section steel reinforcing in them to increase the rigidity and integrity, so they do not warp or bow.

So, next time you open or close your door, stop and think about the time and effort that went into making something we use every day.

To find out what makes a superior door superior, you can check out their brochure here

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