Smart Home, Remote Control, Solar Power Management, Increased Security All in One

Smart Home, Remote Control, Solar Power Management, Increased Security All in One
June 10, 2015

When designing and planning new homes and offices automation is often overlooked as it has historically been very expensive, complex and required specialised programmers. So most people end up with multiple time clocks and sensors that do a great job when set up correctly, some appliances now have apps so a typical home might end up with 2- 3 timers, 2 – 3 sensors and perhaps a phone app or 2. Due to our increasingly busy lives, the number, variety and complexity of these systems in homes and offices means they are not used as effectively as they could be meaning a decrease in comfort or increase in your energy bill.

control your home from a far with econnecx

econnecx™ provides one simple interface that controls a large range of appliances and fittings with a single phone app and web interface that can be used and controlled from anywhere. econnecx™ uses your existing phones, tablets and computers to schedule and operate appliances meaning there are no screens on walls, controllers in bathrooms, sensors on walls or ceilings therefore making homes more aesthetically pleasing. econnecx™ is typically used to control appliances and fittings like hot water cylinders, instant water heaters, under tile heating, heated towel rails, ventilation systems, Heat pumps, gas fires, night lights, entry lights, spa pools, sauna’s, water features and irrigation.

Learn how econnecx™ can also control alarms, garage doors and increase your security at (video’s online)

Case Study

In 2013 econnecx™ was retro fitted into a home, by controlling the under bench cylinder, heat towel rails, heat pumps and utilisation of the home and away mode that isolated all standby power when the home was un-occupied the annual power bill decreased by 16.6%.  ($618.00).

econnecx interface on mobile device

How does econnecx™ make my home ready for Solar power

For a lot of people building cost is a large factor and solar power would be nice to have one day or it just does not quite stack up with regards to return on investment. However one day when you do decide to install solar power you will require control of your home to maximise your return and decrease the amount of solar panels required.  You will want control of loads like your hot water cylinder, towel rails, floor heating, pools etc. so these can be scheduled to be on during the day not at night like they typically are now. You may even use to charge batteries or your new electric car. At that point you are going to want to control of these loads to come on when you’re generating electricity or in a sequence. If econnecx™ was installed when  building you would be able to maximize the solar power generated by just changing the schedules to suit, trying to do this later is more costly and depending on your home impossible. If econnecx is installed when building then you also get the benefit of a lower power bill straight away.

econnecx installation cost

Who installs and what does cost

econnecx™ has been designed so any electrician can install it, typical installations range from $2,400 – $3,500 + GST fully installed less the cost of any timers, sensors and labour that was going to be supplied. econnecx™ provides trade support to electricians should they need it. With econnecx™ you get new features, connection to new appliances and phones as part of you $80.00 + GST yearly subscription.

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