The importance of spring cleaning

The importance of spring cleaning
October 8, 2014

When you think about spring cleaning, it usually conjures thoughts of onerous housework. But it is important to future-proof your home – inside and out – as we move into warmer weather and longer days. By maintaining your home you are giving it the best protection from needing major work in the future.

Here’s our checklist of things to do to ensure you spring clean your house, inside and out:


Repair any broken guttering. Check and clear spouting of any leaves and debris to avoid them caking in drier weather, and causing a blockage. It is essential to set up your ladder properly so that it will not tip over nor tip back. Have someone hand up your cleaning equipment to avoid trying to carry them while manouvering the steps. Or consider getting a professional gardener to do the job.

The outside of your home has probably taken a battering over the winter. Use a good glass detergent and a soft cloth for windows. Clean the exterior of your home with a soft broom to take off silt that has built up over winter. When doing this, check the foundations and cladding of your home for rot or cracking.

Patios, decks and areas that did not get much sun may be slippery due to moss and lichen. Scrub with a hard-bristle broom and consult your local garden shop on products you can use to remove slippery growth. Wooden decking may require another coat of stain or paint to ensure it is water-proofed and oiled to protect it from the harsh sun. There are also paint products on the market that meet Future-Proof Building’s Health & Safety Principle, as they have a sandy, non-slip texture to give you added grip on steps.


Clean your appliances – clean the oven, check the filter on your extractor fan, and dust the back and coils of your fridge. Inspect all heating and cooling units. Dust and fat build up create a potential fire hazard.

Clean the windows using a soft cloth and warm water. Not only will you see a difference but you eliminate mould and mildew that may have built up behind curtains in the winter. If you have large windows or doors, consider adding a stick-on motif so that people can easily see it is a window and not walk into the glass. Now that you don’t need the curtains for warmth, have them professionally dry cleaned to rid any dust mites. Even if you vacuum your carpet more than once a week, giving it a clean at least once a year means it will last longer and be healthier.

Declutter your living areas, storing winter clothes and bedding in your attic, along with items you don’t need access to regularly, such as Christmas decorations and seasonal sports equipment. Think about the items you haven’t used over the past two years and assign to five different categories: rubbish, recycling, giveaway/donate, sell and keep. Deep shelves and corner areas in kitchens and laundries are a great place for a shelf organiser, slider, pull out and pull down shelving. This is also a good time to get your larger appliances checked – including any warranties. Does your gas water cyclinder need a service? Are all the locks in good working order or are they loose?

Keep a list of all you have achieved, to future-proof your home, and have a happy, healthy summer.


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