Three things to consider before talking to an electrician

Three things to consider before talking to an electrician
October 14, 2015

Electrical design done well can result in a great environment you’ll be proud to show off – but done poorly, it can cost you time, money and considerable stress further down the track.

Setting aside some time to consider the exact electrical requirements you’re going to need in your home is incredibly important from the outset, says the co-founder and Managing Director of NZ Trade Group, Andrewe Brown.

Here’s a few expert tips homeowners should bear in mind before undertaking electrical work:

Understand the realities of your dream

One of the recurring obstacles we see pop up time and time again is homeowners not understanding what they are trying to achieve.

It’s important for you to work very hard to understand what you want at the end of the job. If you don’t understand what you want, it’s going to be very hard for someone to deliver you an outcome you’re going to be happy with.

One of the best ways to understand your requirements is by looking at examples of electrical design you like. It’s easy for an installer to match and mimic similar designs, so if you have ideas you like, then it is simply a matter of matching design with your budget.

Creating a stylish, practical home

It’s important to consider the practical elements of your electrical design; how many power points do you want in the kitchen or bedroom? What sort of mood or environment are you wanting to create in your living room?

While these questions may not seem pressing right now, considering all these different design elements is vital, as it can be costly to add in these variations later on. Your best bet is to create a well thought out set-up from the start, where you can add to it later down the track if your needs change.

Also, consider how much you want to spend on fittings and fixtures. There are varying degrees of quality, which are often reflected in the pricing. Your installer should be able to indicate an effective level of quality, but it is up to you as the customer to make sure you are being priced on the quality of the fittings and fixtures you want for your home.

Communicate clearly with your electrician

Don’t be afraid to ask your electrician for recommendations from the outset. They’re the ones doing the job day in, day out, and should be well versed and able to give you practical design advice if you ask them to.

If they’ve got a good team, your electrical firm will engage with you to develop your concept so you can work together to get an outcome for your home that you are proud of.

With over 100 member electrical firms, NZ Trade Group has professional and easy to locate tradespeople all around the country. Visit or head straight to our Find a Tradesperson search tool to find out more.


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