Ways to Future-Proof your home’s security

Ways to Future-Proof your home’s security
November 26, 2014

If you are contemplating where to go for your summer holidays, remember to factor in what you need to do before you go. To get the most of that much-needed rest and relaxation, ensure you have done all you can to keep your home secure while you’re away.

As well as taking the usual steps of cancelling newspaper deliveries and arranging for a friend or neighbour to clear your letterbox, there are small investments you can make to add a bigger deterrant for thieves.

It needn’t cost a lot either – Future-Proof Building recommends these cost-effective steps:

_MG_5877 webKey-less locks: 

Eliminate the worry of who has a key. Pincode door locks can hold up to 25 user codes so all the family and your cleaner have access, as well as single-entry codes – so you can give to repairers and it won’t grant access after they have completed the job.

“Some also offer a holiday function, that deactivates all pincodes, so nobody can come into your home while you are away,” Richard Gough, General Manager, Future-Proof Building says. “And most models can be retro-fitted – making them a small investment for added security.”



Increasingly cost-effective, homeowners can spend as little as $500 to have CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) cameras that link and stream to a smartphone. You can be anywhere and see what is happening at your home.

Create your own monitoring system using CCTV that notifies you if it senses activity, for example via a gate buzzer. You can then access your CCTV remotely to see what has triggered it. Was it a pet or a burglar?

“We fitted security cameras at our place,” Richard says. “This way we know who is on the property, whether we are at home or not.  Who knows how many supposed tree fellers or roof cleaners lurk around your home? This way you know if people are approaching your home.”

Garage door with built-in alarm system:

It is becoming more common for homeowners to choose an alarm system that can be integrated with their garage door so that a single remote can set/unset the alarm when they open/close their garage door. Ensure yours is fitted with multi-frequency technology that protects the openers from interference from other wi-fi in the house – such as wireless entertainment systems and remote-controlled appliances.

If you leave cars in the garage, ensure the keys are in another part of your home, ideally in a lockable location.

Future-Proof Building recommends also installing a lockable door between your garage and home for added security.

“If your car has a GPS system fitted, it would be prudent to not have your actual home address in there. If your keys are stolen and people get into your car, they may then have access to your garage door opener, which in turn turns off your alarm,” Richard points out. “Instead, load in a commercial address nearby, such as your local petrol station.”

Security lighting:

Ask neighbours who are clearing the mail to check around your home for any signs of a break-in, and ensure that security lighting hasn’t been tampered with.

Future-Proof Building suggests choosing models that are not easily tampered with to make it harder for would-be thieves, who could have been checking out your home while you are away and move the direction of the lights in preparation of coming back at night.

Security lighting is now more energy efficient, requires less maintenance and is more aesthetically pleasing. Models used to require 300W bulbs, but new-to-the-market products run off 15-20W, last longer and are smaller but illuminate the same area.

_MG_5883 webJoinery:

If burglars have gained access and want a big door or window to get out off, make that job much harder by adding mortice key locks. These are more aesthetically minded than dead bolts.

Locking mechanisms have evolved to now have multiple locking points in doors and windows that are all activated at the handle. This makes it harder for burglars to “jimmy” their way in because there are no weak points.


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