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Resene Construction Systems

Resene Construction Systems

Providing Premium exterior plaster claddings

Resene Construction Systems are specialised in the design, development, and supply of the most advanced plaster cladding solutions made in New Zealand. Our patented technology and systems provide surety like no other. We understand that the correct design and installation of the exterior cladding is critical to the overall long-term integrity of your project. Each Resene Construction system has different requirements in terms of application and installation from our ‘DRYZONE’ cavity based cladding systems through to rendering solutions over brick or masonry substrates.

All Resene Construction systems include supply & installation throughout New Zealand from the deep south, to the balmy north by Registered Resene Construction Systems Plasterers, right through to the finished texture style, colour, and backed up by a range of products and services that will enhance the system for the life of the building.

All Resene Construction Cladding Systems are based on the latest ‘cavity’ construction techniques, and tested by BRANZ to ensure compliance with the New Zealand building code. Our systems offer complete protection via our patented EdgeSeal flashing suite to prevent water penetration at critical areas of you project.

We provide also provide a large range of textures from our premium pre-coloured acrylic textures and cement based finishes, all of which are applied by hand. Our finishing coats of Resene Construction Systems Armour or Resene X-200 are ‘Environmental Choice’ accredited in your favourite Resene colours.

To provide added surety to selecting Resene Construction Systems as your exterior cladding solution it is nice to know that we are the only plaster cladding company in NZ providing full onsite assistance during construction. We even visit you two years after completion to ensure all is well.

Resene Construction Systems New Zealands premier plaster cladding provider.


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4 Te Apunga Place
Mt Wellington
Phone: (09) 259 2732

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