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When it comes to building or renovating, one item of your house is often overlooked – the garage door. Yet your garage door has some very important roles to fill throughout its lifespan so a little consideration now can go a very long way in the future.


Street Appeal

That’s right; your garage door is a big influencer on your home’s Street Appeal. No longer is the garage banished to the back of a large section out of sight. These days there’s not the room on our smaller sections so the majority of garage doors now take pride of place at the front of your home for all to see.  We are talking billboard proportions here so don’t worry about coming off shallow, looks are very important, and not just now, but in the years to come.

You don’t want a cheap garage door dragging the value of the rest of your property down. Pay attention when you’re next out driving around and you will see what we mean.



What’s the largest moving object in your home? Odds are, it’s your garage door by a country mile and there are quite a few moving parts that work together day in day out. Often, the garage door becomes the primary access to your home – you come to depend on your garage door without even realising it. Both the door and the opener have equally important roles to play in welcoming you home each night so dependability is doubly important when considering your purchase.

Would you want to get out and struggle with the garage door on the next cold and rainy night? Just remember though – even the most reliable car requires a service [by a qualified professional] every now and then.



The much maligned “throwaway society” mentality just doesn’t cut it when you are building or renovating your own home – especially in this environment where you may stay put longer than anticipated. Garador has history, our national network of distributors and qualified installers have been around since ads were only black & white and brown and orange were the latest ‘fashion’ colours. Yes, Garador has a long history of over 40 years – previously part of iconic NZ brands such as AJC, AHI & CHH.

But the future is just as bright under the ownership of B&D Doors; Australasia’s largest garage door manufacturer and the original inventor of the Roll-A-Door®. Rest assured we will still be around if you need us in years to come.



With history comes experience. Experience in manufacture, experience in consultation and experience in delivery and installation. We know garage doors and we understand how our garage doors and openers will become an integral part of your home and life in ways you may not have thought of. It is our job to fully understand your needs and use our experience to provide you with the best solution – without cutting corners.

We value you as a customer, but with all due respect, you will not always be right – especially if you don’t fully understand our products and what we have to offer. Working together, we can develop the perfect garage door solution.



If you are thinking of building or renovating, you have plenty of decisions ahead of you. How you make those decisions depends on your values and desired outcomes. The great thing about this site and the Future-Proof Building concept is that it hones in on those values and desired outcomes, possibly even challenging them, and then introduces you to FPB aligned products and easing your decision making burden.

Lifestyles are changing constantly, the garage is no longer just a place to leave your car and tools. As one of the largest rooms in the house people are finding increasingly diverse ways to utilise the garage space for the benefit of the whole family so keep this in mind.


Garador & FPB

Garador has been aligned with Future-Proof Building since its foundation and so, the central concept of providing a garage door solution that improves your homes future value while increasing your quality of life now is well ingrained within our business.

Many of the 8 Principals of Future-Proof Building are encompassed in our products and services. Run through our Future-Proof Building info sheet with your local Garador Dealer to help with your decision making process. 


Sound too much like marketing hype? Let us explain.

It’s not all talk, in line with FPB philosophy, we have introduced TrioCode™ technology into all Garador openers. This new multi-frequency technology future-proof’s our openers from interference issues caused by other household wireless products such as baby monitors, wireless entertainment systems and even new wireless gas and electricity meters. The automatic frequency change function of TrioCode™ provides enhanced reliability and security, effectively overcoming the increasingly common issue of neighbourhood interference.

This way we are able to give you reliable access to your home now and ensure it continues into the future – no matter what new technology is introduced into your neighbourhood. A true Future-Proof solution.


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