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Gerard Roofs

Gerard Roofs

Gerard Roofs have been global leaders for over 50 years in steel roof tile technology.  This leadership is continually maintained through ongoing innovation and persistent attention to outstanding quality standards and service.

Installing a lightweight steel tile Gerard Roof will define the style of your new home, adding value.

Alternatively, transform and protect your existing home by replacing your roof with a Gerard Roof, adding value and increased visual appeal.

Installing a Gerard Roof will also help future proof your home, through its ‘worry-proof’ benefits:

  • Lightweight – A Gerard satin finish steel tile roof is lightweight, weighing around one tonne; in comparison to a concrete tile roof which can weigh around 10 tonnes; making it a safe option for homes in earthquake zones.
  • Secure in high winds – Because Gerard interlocking tiles are fixed horizontally, a Gerard roof is significantly more secure in high winds than vertically fixed roofs, such as concrete tiles or long run iron.
  • Weatherproof – A properly installed Gerard steel tile roof is fully weatherproof and unlike traditional concrete or clay tiles, Gerard tiles won’t crack and let in water.
  • Corrosion resistant – The protective coatings on Gerard roof tiles include a special combination of aluminium and zinc, providing up to eight times the corrosion resistance of alternative steel roofing products.
  • Proven in cold climates – Gerard Roofs can easily withstand heavy snow loadings and are unaffected by frost or ice.
  • Low maintenance – A clean with an appropriate roof wash every three to five years will ensure your roof retains its high quality appearance.
  • Gerard’s 3-Point Warranty – Includes a 50 year pro-rata weatherproof warranty, surface coating warranty and a 5 year installation warranty.

Gerard Roofs tiles, shingles and shakes are light, flexible and strong and because they are available in seven profiles in a variety of finishes and colours, Gerard Roofs have the roof to suit everyone’s preferences.

Our roofs can only be installed by a Gerard Certified Roofer through our nationwide network of approved distributors, enabling you to have the confidence that installation will be both quick and accurate.

Visit our website to find out more about Gerard’s product range, find homes with Gerard Roofs in your area or to order a free 92 page roofing guide.


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Gerard Roofs
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