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Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard International has been producing quality bathroom solutions for over 100 years, working with some of the biggest names in product design, creating robust, reliable and intelligent products which are not only beautiful but built to last.

They always work with leading designers, who not only create design classics but also consider the functionality of any item and most importantly the person who ultimately uses that product…You.

Passionate observers of the changing needs and expectations around us, we continue to direct our extensive capabilities towards the creation of bathroom solutions that are in tune with the real world, and real people.

People who know who they are, who love their bathroom to be part of their life, who enjoy taking time out to relax and unwind, to forget the day they’ve had, to think about their evening ahead, to share secrets with the mirror, to feel human again, to recharge and renew. To live their very own personal moments in their very own private space.

With these real-life ideas as our inspiration, Ideal Standard creates bathrooms as unique as you are. Because our ideal bathroom is yours.


Apart from being annoying, a dripping tap can waste a lot of water over a period of time. Back in the bad old days, all taps and showers used to use rubber washers to prevent dripping. This worked well, until the rubber started to crack and the dripping returned.

Ideal Standard ceramic discs beat rubber washers hands down because, like the Duracell bunny, they are extremely durable and keep going long after your old washer has ran out, eliminating the waste of a dripping tap. A dripping tap that can waste 1 litre of water per hour, the equivalent of wasting 1460 full WC flushes a year.

Robertson offer a Limited Life Time Drip Free Guarantee on all Ceramic Cartridges used in Ideal Standard single lever mixers. This guarantee is a genuine product guarantee and is therefore transferable to a new owner but is subject to providing the original proof of purchase.


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Phone: +64 (0)9 573 0490
Email: sales@robertson.co.nz

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