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Mitsubishi Electric


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Mitsubishi Electric has been providing New Zealanders with superior technologies for over 30 years, creating high quality, premium products.

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps. Invest in the Best.

A heat pump is an investment in your comfort for years to come, so it makes sense to invest in the best. Mitsubishi Electric offers an extensive range of heat pumps that combine superior comfort and whisper quiet energy efficiency with contemporary timeless design. There truly is a comfort solution to suit every need in every home.

The Classic GE Series High Wall Heat Pump prides itself as being New Zealand’s bestselling heat pump ever. Unrivalled for quietness, they are ideal where it matters most – in living rooms and bedrooms.

The slim line Designer Series High Wall Heat Pumps are not only exceptionally energy efficient, they also come in a range of exclusive colours including rich black diamond, matte silver and glossy white. Now you can truly reflect your design personality without compromising on style or performance!

The Deluxe FH Series High Wall Heat Pump truly is the flagship amongst all heat pumps. The intelligent 3D i-See Sensor, Dual Split Vane Air Flow, Natural Air Flow and Plasma Quad Filtration, have set a new benchmark in truly customised comfort and unparalleled energy efficiency.

The super quiet RapidHeat Floor Console Series is the ideal solution for unobtrusive heating at floor level. Patented RapidHeat Technology offers unparalleled low temperature heating in the shortest amount of time, all while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.

Both Deluxe FH Series High Wall and Rapid Heat Floor Console Series models also come with the option of HyperCore Technology. HyperCore Heat Pumps from Mitsubishi Electric are the only heat pumps in New Zealand to guarantee their full heating capacity even down to -15ºC.

Our total home heating Multi Room Systems allow you to connect multiple indoor units to only one space-saving outdoor unit and gives you the flexibility to select the best indoor model suited to each room in your home.

Our Ducted Systems are the ultimate in unobtrusive, energy efficient, whisper quiet whole home heating. With only discreet grilles visible, it’s the elegant and stylish solution to total year-round home comfort.

All these heat pumps can be further enhanced with our optional Wi-Fi Control. It gives you the freedom to customise, control and monitor your heat pumps via smart phone, tablet or computer, no matter where you are. On the way home, running late, or coming home early – you’ll never return to a cold home again!

To find the perfect solution for your home or to learn more about Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps, visit our website

Solar Power

Mitsubishi Electric’s philosophy for manufacturing photovoltaic products comes from three unwavering basic principles: superior technologies, the highest quality and long term reliability. Photovoltaic systems are a long-term investment; therefore, no compromises should be made when choosing the right products in order to avoid future problems. From cell research and module design to cell production and module assembly, Mitsubishi Electric controls each step of the process. You can be confident you can enjoy peace of mind with Mitsubishi Electric Photovoltaic Systems.


The Oasis Series of dehumidifiers by Mitsubishi Electric are advanced home dryers, helping your home to “breathe” properly by effectively controlling moisture, dampness and mildew. With the addition of antibacterial air-purifying filters, they enhance the quality of the air produced. The benefits Mitsubishi Electric dehumidifiers provide are necessary for New Zealanders where moisture build-up, asthma and allergies are common.

Hot Water Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric Hot Water Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat hot water all year round. A highly efficient inverter system utilising an environmentally friendly refrigerant allows the system to continue providing heat even with outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C.

Ventilation and Exhaust Fans

World leader in ventilation systems, Mitsubishi Electric’s patented Lossnay Fresh Air Energy Recovery System is available in New Zealand. Lossnay ensures the air in your home stays fresher, cleaner and drier. By recovering indoor heat these systems increase energy efficiency.


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Mitsubishi Electric
Download Mitsubishi Electric Resource
Mitsubishi Electric
Download Mitsubishi Electric Resource
Mitsubishi Electric
Download Mitsubishi Electric Resource
Mitsubishi Electric
Download Mitsubishi Electric Resource
Mitsubishi Electric
Download Mitsubishi Electric Resource
Mitsubishi Electric
Download Mitsubishi Electric Resource
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