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Rinnai New Zealand – the proud pioneers behind many of the heating solutions Kiwi and Australian families enjoy.

This year we’re 40; as a subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation (the world’s most innovative heating appliance manufacturer) we have constant access to the latest developments and technology – we may be in our 40s, but we’re as tech-savvy as a teenager!

Whether you’re building, renovating, or simply upgrading your heating options, think of your entire house and allow Rinnai, the appliance experts, to help heat your water and your home in the most efficient way possible. Visit rinnai.co.nz for more information.

Gas Continuous Flow Water Heating

Need endless hot water? You’ll be interested in gas continuous flow. Gas Continuous flow is a very energy efficient water heating system, because it’s only on when you need hot water. There’s no risk of “last one in gets the cold shower”.

Stored Water Heating

If you are looking for something with a lower upfront cost, electric stored water could be the best solution.

Save 10-15%* on your water heating costs with the Rinnai Smart Cylinder. This new innovation by Rinnai allows homeowners to save money without changing their water usage habits! This revolutionary hot water system learns your hot water usage habits and rather than operating 24/7 like a standard electric hot water cylinder it only heats the water you need.  Pretty smart huh!?

Interested in reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your running costs? Why not consider a Hotflo hot water heat pump solution.

Space Heating and Fires

A warm home is a healthy home. Your home could be warm, cosy and energy efficient by allowing Rinnai to help you select the right appliances to effectively and efficiently heat your home.

Rinnai have a range of heating solutions to meet the needs of almost any home. Rinnai Arriva and Rinnai Energy Savers are approved by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation for superior air quality. Kinder to the environment and kinder to you. Whatever your décor, Rinnai products will always look great in your home.

Why Rinnai?

Innovation should be our middle name.

Our world class Research and Development division ensures we use innovative technology that creates hard working products that are easy to use.

Beautiful and clever design means everything.

Beautiful and clever design means everything. When you choose a Rinnai product we want you to be proud of it. This means we design first-rate products that incorporate the latest thinking in design and function. We understand that beauty and brains are a winning combo.

Efficiency is king.

Up to a third of New Zealand’s domestic energy use is consumed for water heating.* We take every opportunity to improve the efficiency of our products in the knowledge that this will reduce your running costs and hopefully shrink those awful power bills.

We think responsibly and care about our environment.

With the world’s limited resources we all have a responsibility to make the most of what we have. In 2013 Rinnai implemented a full environmental program and gained ISO 14001 accreditation.


* are influenced by a number of factors including cylinder size, hot water use profile and plumbing system design. Savings of 10-15% have been observed in field trials in New Zealand and Europe when compared to a standard electric hot water cylinder.


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105 Pavilion Drive
Phone: 0800 746 624 (Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8.30am-4.30pm)
Email: info@rinnai.co.nz


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Download Rinnai Resource
Download Rinnai Resource
Download Rinnai Resource
Download Rinnai Resource
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