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SmartVent has over 30 years experience as a proud New Zealand healthy home innovation brand.

SmartVent systems designed to reduce condensation & improve air quality in the home include:

SmartVent Positive systems are available with either a digital keypad controller with dual temperature sensors or the unique SmartVent Evolve control system – that uses both temperature and humidity sensors – and comes with a 7” table controller.

The sensor readings are used to determine the required ventilation level and air source (optional) to reduce condensation – for better air quality and comfort in your home.

SmartVent EVOLVE uses the temperature and humidity readings to determine the ventilation level and best air source required to reduce condensation.

SmartVent Synergy Evolve

Synergy is a completely balanced energy recovery ventilation system perfect for new homes. Synergy extracts stale, damp air from inside your home and brings in fresher, drier air simultaneously, using the recovered energy to temper the incoming air.
SmartVent Synergy Evolve combines the benefits of energy recovery with our unique temperature & humidity sensor control. The wireless android tablet is optional.

SmartVent EVOLVE is the only ventilation system available in NZ that has the features recommended by EECA and Beacon Pathways research:
Beacon Pathway research has found that for best moisture removal performance look for a system that considers both temperature and humidity of the supply air and inside the house to control the system.

Smartvent is manufactured by Simx Limited, a NZ owned company who have been serving the electrical and HVAC industry since 1983. SmartVent is committed to healthier homes with home ventilation and balanced energy recovery systems including the smartest control and the highest level of filtration.

Visit our website for more www.smartvent.co.nz


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