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Sumner Schist

Sumner Schist

SUMNER™ Schist Veneer and Stone Cladding

Most stone cladding today is available as a stone veneer. This is where the stone cladding is only 25-40mm thick and is glued to the wall as you would a wall tile. There are many advantages to doing things this way. The cost is lower than foot-loaded masonry, there is lower earthquake risk, and it is easier to get it passed through your local council. These three reasons are probably why schist veneer has become the primary way to do stonework.

SUMNER™ Stone Veneers

SUMNER™ specializes in stone veneer. We supply stone veneer ready to install, and at the same time deliver the adhesive, board, tape and every component needed to successfully complete your project.

We designed the SUMNER™ system and tested every component from the building paper forward to ensure the installation is weather tight, structural and problem free.

For builders we wanted the cavity fast and easy to assemble. For architects we needed to support them with Codemark® and ready to use system drawings. For our clients we needed the largest stone selection, best price and a comprehensive full 15year guarantee. I say comprehensive as most claddings will only warrant the stone, and not the weather tightness or that it wont pull free. SUMNER’s guarantee covers all of these.

SUMNER™ Schist Veneer Applications

As you will see from our project gallery SUMNER™ schist veneers are used on both commercial and residential projects throughout New Zealand. Most installations can be devided into either stone walling or stone columns. Walling is fairly straight forward, however stone columns we will discuss in detail because when done properly schist veneer stone columns look fantastic.

Stone Columns

There are two methods for cladding stone columns with stone veneers. In both instances the structure needs to be built to the correct size as the cladding is in modular predefined lengths. Our instant quote lets you select either option and alerts you as to the price difference to help you with your decision.

Solid L corners

These are corner units preformed to wrap around the column. they interlock and deliver the best finish. This unit is slightly more expensive.

Natural Ends

Another very acceptable way of finishing stone columns. As its name suggests these panels have one natural end which extends past the end of the column. The next panel then returns back along the adjacent face and so on. The finish is not as perfect as the previous method, but the cost is also lower.

There are many other instances where schist veneer is used to good effect. Feature walls, large exterior chimneys which need the ruggard stone texture to break up the weatherboard. Decorative schist veneer fireplaces either inside or outside.

Where to from here?

If you are interested in SUMNER™ stone cladding please phone us to discuss. We have an office in Ellerslie Auckland. Alternatively if you are in the South Island why not have our representitive Ray Luke call in to discuss your project. All our details can be found on SUMNER’s Contact webpage.


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