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Zucchetti is often referred to as the Lamborghini of bathroom fixtures. Designers such as Matteo Thun, Paulo Barbieri, Barbara Sordina, Roberto and Ludovica Palomba, and Antonio Rodriguez have built a starkly sleek collection of sculptured bathroom faucets, bathroom fixtures, bathroom accessories and kitchen faucets.

Seen through the eyes of a child, a tap is a magical object, surprising and enchanting. A metal sculpture which, with a simple touch, becomes flowing water, lively, bubbly and full of energy. Nature and design merge, following different lines of thought and inspiration.

Each collection creates its own poetry to depict the Zucchetti universe. Each object is able to enhance the beauty of the place in the home dedicated to personal care, were body and mind become one.

Zucchetti, its collections, the international designers which overtime has worked with, have contributed decisively to this far-reaching transformation of the home, a transformation that certainly cannot be defined only in formal or spatial terms but is closely related to the way of life of each of us. Zucchetti always creates trends, its products foster an evolution in lifestyle, a new imagery and new worlds for home living.

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