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Barclay Electrical

Barclay Electrical

Blair Barclay has over 8 years experience spanning a wide variety of work.  Barclay electrical isn’t the biggest company but always strives to be the best so you can trust in us.

Services include electrical, communication (data and networking), security and more.


For all your home electrics – we’ve got it covered.

Barclay Electical excels in planning the electrical design of single and multi-family dwellings.


We specialise in Commercial Systems.

We pride ourselves on setting the standard in our industry by providing fast response times and maintaining high levels of scheduling efficiency.


Done right and on time, everytime

We possess specialised knowledge and skills related to the installation and maintenance of electrical devices and components found in industrial settings.

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466 Avonhead Road,
Christchurch 8042
Phone: 027 252 4752
Email: blair@barclayelectrical.co.nz

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