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Smart Installations Ltd

Smart Installations Ltd

The world of residential technology moves very fast: our customers employ us to clear the fog of options and zero in on the equipment that works, the model ranges that are worth paying for and the technologies that are more than the sum of their parts when integrated together.

We base all of our work around 6 simple platforms: designcabling infrastructure, entertainment, networking & internetsecurity & access control and energy management – underpinning all of this is our support service.


At the heart of everything we do is intense, detailed technical design. Although residential technology products are becoming more pervasive and prices are falling their functionality is getting more complex and the combinations of technology that will work effectively together require more and more testing. This is our strength. This is why you hire a company with years of experience and the scale to ensure reliability rather than a one-man-band with all the right intentions but none of the battle scars!


We solve problems on paper, so we don’t wait to solve them on site – this is cheaper for our clients, more efficient for the rest of the construction team and more reliable in the long run. We have made considerable investments in Visio equipment & staff to deliver first class system designs that are easy for all trades to use.

We are often contracted for projects in which our system design is the only service required. In the same way that a Mechanical or Electrical Consultant would be retained to efficiently design a heating system we are retained to lay out the low voltage systems to ensure compatibility, cost effectiveness and future performance.


  • up to 2 iterations of structured cabling drawings showing all relevant low voltage cables such as Cat6, speaker, heating control and Lutron lighting cables
  • initial calculations of conduit sizings for the cable bundles at the point of ingress to any equipment cabinet location
  • a detailed Bill of Materials comprising a full system architecture to deliver the functionalities listed in the the Project Foundation Document
  • Sizings for the equipment cabinets needed to house the components (e.g. main patch & comms racks, lighting control panels, heating manifold panels etc)

If this design work forms the initial stage of an end-to-end design/supply/install contract then the design phase stretches over the whole period of pre-1st fix planning through interiors integration detailing and up to closing up of the site cable routes.



Energy saving is a priority and good control is vital. The control of heating, which is the biggest cost in most properties, must provide comfort and ease of use: for instance, to be set back to standby when the occupier is not present. Lighting can and should be optimised in the same way

We will work with your mechanical and electrical services teams to provide a cost-effective, high performance energy management system for your home that will save you money, make you more comfortable and be a delight to use.

To control and monitor heavy energy using appliances, we utilize a 10A smart wall plug.  This allows control for load shedding purposes or during critical peak times as well as health and energy usage monitoring.

16-25A Relays are utilized to switch Hot water cylinder’s electric emersion heaters in the residential cylinders.  Vacation mode can switch off the cylinder saving energy, or scheduling can turn the cylinder off during times of high pricing.

Controlling High Wall Heat Pumps and Inverters has been extremely difficult until now.  The heat pumps are now wirelessly connected to the home area network giving full control of the Heat Pump for scheduling i.e. pre heating a room before you get home, temperature adjustment and control via iPhone/WEB and the ability to offset temperature output during peak demand times.

Measuring just 5cm x 3cm, the Control4 Puck Switch is designed to fit behind your existing Towel Rail switch and connects the device wirelessly to the network. This gives you the ability to now measure and control the device, via schedules or smartphone/tablet. The Puck switch also has an LED control output, lighting up to let you know when the towel rail is on.
Towels are always dried, but the towel rail is not left running all day and night.

Architects spend much of their time optimising their designs for natural light – it is surprising that we do not give more thought to artificial light given we live with it for much of the year. Lighting control systems can rectify this by bringing out the real beauty of your home in all light conditions as well as by promoting a sense of ‘wellness’ and security by knowing the lights are automatically going to adjust their brightness depending on the time of day or welcome you home as you reach for your keys to unlock your front door.

This isn’t science fiction any more – this is just the way you should be living in the 21 st century and we can fit it discreetly and attractively to anything from a 150 sq meter new build apartment to a 800 sq meter house in the country. Whether it be a full system that gives you one-touch access to your entertainment systems too (it’s surprisingly liberating to turn on the radio at the touch of engraved button on the kitchen keypad) or a flexible deployment we can design the right platform around your needs.


We have been working in the retail, commercial, corporate and hospitality sector since 2002 in various companies. As a CEDIA member we install and maintain a variety of commercial audio and control systems including;

  • Display systems – including TV’s and digital signage
  • Projection solutions – including interactive projectors, edge blending, advanced projection solutions
  • Video conference solutions
  • Commercial Audio solutions – including microphone and speech reinforcement technologies
  • Touch screen control solutions

Smart Installations integrated meeting room audio & video systems enable you and your work colleagues to access presentation files, music, movies, TV, or photos from a shared network drive or guest computer at any time. All with full HD compatibility, and controlled through a wireless handheld controller or tablet.

As with all of the equipment, your video and audio sources and equipment can be physically located out of sight, giving you interior spaces that don’t have to be cluttered with electronics and cabling.

To discuss your Electrical requirements why not give us a call for a chat. We love to talk tech!



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