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Trendz Homes

Trendz Homes

We are a leading brand in kitset homes in NZ. We offer affordable, flexible options to build custom designed homes across NZ

We are proud to offer custom designed homes across NZ

At TRENZ we offer you a great alternative to modular and transportable homes that are built to your specifications across New Zealand and the South Pacific. You can choose from any one of our existing plans, or modify them to create beautiful custom built houses in NZ.


This is your property, so design it how you want it! We ensure that our kitset homes are tailored to your exact specifications. If you have existing ideas, let us know so we can incorporate them into your custom built house in NZ.  We design our kitset houses to suit your style and preferences.


Our custom designed homes in NZ are available in both lockable shell and complete supply. We offer a large range of plans and specifications for customers to suit all budgets, including those who might not otherwise be able to afford modular or transportable homes. Our modular solutions are offered at competitive pricing due to our strong buying power in the kitset homes industry within NZ.


Through years of experience in designing in NZ we offer a simple to follow process to build your dream property. Our custom built houses follow a simple process, which is much more streamlined when compared with modular or transportable models. Kitset homes have never been easier with our guidance.


Kitset houses are considered the same as any regular building option, therefore any new development requires a building consent application. We can guide you through the process required to obtain approval for kitset houses.


Our TRENZ licensee can guide you through the project management of your construction if required.


All of our materials are delivered in accordance to your construction schedule, not the suppliers.


Our custom built houses are constructed from NZ made materials. We ensure that our custom designed homes in NZ make it clear that NZ sourced materials are our number one preference.


Just like transportable and modular homes, our solutions are distributed nationally through our nationwide suppliers and the Bunnings network. So wherever you are, you’ll have access to our custom built homes in NZ.



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7 Gumdigger Place
Phone: 0800 2 548 738
Email: ismae@trenzhomes.co.nz

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