How do I Future-Proof my Bathroom Products?

Read some of our advice and information below to help you Future-Proof your project.

Bathroom Products

When choosing bathroom products there are a few things that need to be considered; functionality, practicality and design.

Functionality – the function of the product needs to meet your expectations. For example, a shower rose that is static may not be suitable for all members of your family as you require it to adjust to suit the taller and shorter members of your family.

With the function of bathroom tapware, toilets and shower roses consider the product’s WELS rating. This is the water rating for the product and the more stars the more water efficient the product is.

Practicality – you may have found a product that you like the look of that has all the functions you require but it doesn’t measure up… literally! There are two options in this scenario, choose a product that does fit and covers most of your wish list or talk nicely to your builder about changing your bathroom design to fit the bathroom product. This isn’t always feasible and will probably come at an additional cost with your builder but if you really like the product then you may be happy to pay more to get the product to fit.

You may also like the idea of buying NZ Made products. Practically this can be a good option as if at any stage repair of a product is required it can be done locally. It can also be appealing at the thought of supporting local industry.

Design – the one thing that attracts us to products in the first instance is usually the design. Selecting products that are in keeping with the style of your home is important. Take your time to ensure you have found the right items for your bathroom. There are many designs out there and more often than not you will find one brand that fits your style so shop around or look at showhomes to get an idea of what style works for you.

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