How do I Future-Proof my Heating?

Read some of our advice and information below to help you Future-Proof your project.


When choosing heating for your home think about the space you are looking to heat and consider all the options available to you. The most common choices for heating a home are electric heaters, gas heaters, heat pumps and fireplaces.

Electric heaters tend to only be able to heat a small space and some are not energy efficient leaving you with a high electricity bill each month. They are often convenient for those who want to move a heater from room to room or only need to use it for a short period of time each day.

There are a variety of gas heaters. If you have gas supplied to your home these can be a superb source of heat. Gas heaters are also available with a gas bottle. These heaters are effective but you need to ensure the gas bottle is installed correctly and regularly serviced.

Heat pumps are a very popular heat source with a variety of heat pumps available you can get a technician to visit your home and make a recommendation as to what sized heat pump you need. You may need more than one. Don’t just buy the one on sale as it may not suit the space you want to heat. Also check the energy star rating on the heat pump to get the long term electricity saving benefit.

Gas fireplaces can be an energy efficient source of heating. There are many on the market with a multitude of different looks available to suit your home. Gas fireplaces also come with an energy star rating so be sure to look for this before making your purchase.

The latest source of heating is ducted home heating where your hot water is used to heat the rooms of your house. This is definitely worth looking into if building or renovating.

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