How do I Future-Proof my Paint?

Read some of our advice and information below to help you Future-Proof your project.


Choosing paint is often tricky as there are so many colours out there in the market. If you are painting a large space or the exterior of your home asking a colour consultant to help is a good idea. It may be that a colour you thought was a good idea may not work well with the exterior cladding or function of the area of your home. For example dark colours draw the heat and this in the long term may be hard on the cladding of your home. Asking a colour consultant can also draw your attention to alternative colours and you can learn about what is currently ‘on trend’ in the world of colour.

To help keep your home healthy you can get anti-bacterial paints or paints that defend against mould in wet areas.

For the children you can purchase blackboard paints and magnetic paints and even write-on-wall paint (you may like to point this out clearly to your children or select a special colour so they don’t go beyond the ‘write on’ area) to help keep your children entertained.

Take your time when selecting your paint and consider what is important for each room of your home.

Remember that with painted exteriors it is a good idea to have your home cleaned. Check with the paint supplier how often you should do this to get the most out of the paintwork around your home.

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