How do I Future-Proof my Plumbing?

Read some of our advice and information below to help you Future-Proof your project.


Your home plumbing should be decided before you commence building or renovating. Choose an industry professional with a good track record and make sure you are well informed at what is being installed in your home.

There are many piping options which you can place in your home such as insulated piping, pipes for reclaimed water, pipes for heating and underfloor heating.

If you are renovating ask your plumber to assess all existing pipes as any that need replacing need to be done before you start building or renovating areas of your home.

External guttering and downpipes should be chosen to suit the look of your home. There are many options available on the market. Instead of metal spouting of old you can get a titanium look plastic spouting now that wont rust or bend. Copper-look options are also available.

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